ul. Rolna 5, 63-100 Śrem, Poland

tel.: +48 61 28 22 155,


85, Great Portland Street, First Floor
London, W1W 7LT

Sąd Rejonowy Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
KRS: 0000083240 | NIP: 785-00-01-679 | REGON: 630959462,
Share capital: 8 000 000,00 PLN
ROR: Societe Generale PL91 1840 0007 2910 4730 0810 1619 (SWIFT: SOGEPLPW)

Sales Department

DEFOR SA employees are ready to professionally and reliably answer all your questions and prepare a detailed calculation. Our experience will allow us to select products according to your needs and expectations. Please send any inquiries to: or, after which the commercial representative will contact you.

We believe that you will soon join the group of our satisfied customers!


DEFOR SA is a solid and reliable company, which treats customer satisfaction with its products as a priority. We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules of using the products purchased from us. If you are interested in service under warranty or after its expiration, please complete the form below. Each application sent by you will be considered by our specialists.


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Formularz kontaktowy