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If you do not have a defined career path yet and would like to contribute to the success of DEFOR, please complete the questionnaire. The submitted applications will be automatically directed to the person responsible for HR policy. We are looking for ambitious people, open to new challenges, willing to gain new experience, with passion for work.

Why work for DEFOR?

For the welfare of our employees we create safe workplaces, supporting further education and taking care of personal development of each individual employee. We cooperate with schools and universities, sharing our knowledge and experience and giving jobs to their graduates. We are well aware of the fact that people are the most valuable asset of a company.

Environment protection

The awareness of DEFOR's impact on the environment obliges the company for continuous improvement. Our final products are environmentally friendly because they can be used for decades and recycled. Moreover, the windows, doors, facades and glass offered by us are characterized by high parameters of thermal insulation, which in turn reduces energy consumption needed for heating and air conditioning of the building.

Social care

DEFOR SA is a reliable and honest employer who provides modern work tools and applies the highest ethical standards in business. Our HR policy focuses on high motivation of our employees and improvement of their professional competences. The employer supports personal development of the staff through a program of systematic training and motivates them to engage in new projects and services. We are well aware of the fact that people are the most valuable capital of the company.

Health and safety at work

DEFOR SA, as a large, respected company in the branch of modern façade construction, puts a great emphasis on issues related to health and safety at work. Both in the production plant and on the construction sites all legal aspects resulting from the Labour Code are strictly followed. The identification and prevention of risk factors in the construction sector is performed on an ongoing basis.

Equal opportunities policy

DEFOR SA wants to provide all employees with the same opportunities for personal and professional development. We are aware of the importance of equal treatment of everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion and orientation. We respect the same rights in all areas from recruitment through the remuneration system, access to promotions, to social security, family rights of the working person and equal access to education. Innovative technologies implemented in production by DEFOR SA, promote equality and improve work comfort.


Zapytanie aplikacyjne